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The sooner your family knows about your accident, the better chances of your survival.

How Accident Informer works

How to report an accident
Informed Family & Friends act immediately to ensure better medical care and higher chance of your survival
Report An Accident


  This is a tremendous contribution from Osmosys, and very much needed app. Our roads are really unsafe and there are so many incidents like this when near and dear have no clue about it.  


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  Good app... for​ a social cause  

Renadh Takkellapati

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  Excellent app  

Vasavi Y

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  Worth one..  

Sahil Khan

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  Finally ! A very useful app in case of an accident for a speedy communication to the near and dear to save ones life  


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  A life saver App that every one need to download and use. Keep the App as simple as it can in future updates  

Nagendra Devara

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  Very promising for having a safe and better future  

Ajay Pvn

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  Good and useful one  

Mohd. Inkshav Ali

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  Good app i beleive by time this app will be good for all. Good thought  

Mohammad Shakil

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  Nice App  

Rama Krishna

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  Amazing thought and implementation  


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  Nice app  

Ravi Teja

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  It is a great initiative as the death and accident count on Indian roads is really high.  

Anusheel Sharma

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